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Summer Plans: How To Get the Most Out of My Summer

There are countless opportunities to pursue as a high school student during the summer months. Although there is the desire to zone out, binge Netflix, go to the beach and hangout with friends until the wee hours of every hot summer night, there are actually some really valuable ways to use your time in the summer:

  • Attend a summer program

  • Build your community service hours

  • Take a class at your local community college

  • Job Shadow

  • Get a job

Some of you may have family commitments that include watching your siblings, caring for a family member or traveling with your family. There are still options you can pursue that will give you valuable experiences. Consider the following:

  • Create a math workbook for a younger sibling. Tutor them in math and help them develop some mathematical skills and foundations.

  • Read daily to an elderly grandparent/family member

  • Teach English or reading to a family member

  • Organize sports practices for a younger sibling and their friends OR kids in your community

Regardless of how you spend your time, use it wisely. Going to the beach, hanging out with friends and sleeping in are an appealing part of summer. But make sure you balance your free time with positive activities that will allow you to learn, mature and gain more independence as you prepare to apply to college. You will never regret pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, but you will regret not taking advantage of opportunities at this time in your life. If you need help identifying some options for this upcoming answer, talk to your counselor about it as soon as possible. They can guide you in the right direction!

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