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Back to the Classroom

After over a year of on-line learning, most US students will be returning to the classroom this fall. Along with the excitement of seeing friends and resuming activities, many are feeling anxiety about the reopening and return. What do you need to do to maximize your high school experience?

• Get involved. Join a club or activity that interests you and participate fully. It doesn’t much matter which one. Just follow your passions in finding a club that suits you or get together with a friend or two and start your own group. Extracurricular activities are what make high school fun and give you a place to belong.

• Challenge yourself. It might be tempting to take the easier route with gradelevel classes, but try that AP or honors class and move beyond your comfort zone. Don’t fear the teacher whom everyone says is really demanding— the best teachers are those who will encourage you to think outside the box and to stretch your mind.

• Ask for help. There’s no glory in doing it all yourself; ask for help when you need it. On-line learning has probably created more learning gaps than usual, and more students will need help. Meet with your English teacher after school for help with an essay or ask your math teacher to explain a difficult concept. In this way you’ll establish relationships with your teachers outside of the classroom and perhaps find yourself with a true mentor. Hopefully, you’ll really get to know the individual who will write your college recommendation.


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