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High Schoolers: Your Summers Matter!

Author: The College Blueprint’s Counseling Team

Your summers throughout your high school career hold immense significance, particularly if you have aspirations of applying to college. Summer is much more than a time for relaxation and casual hangouts with friends. It presents a valuable opportunity to use your additional free time in a productive manner, going beyond just checking off items on your summer bucket list. Our team of college planning experts strongly recommends planning and maximizing each summer to explore your interests, delve into potential majors and careers, and build an impressive resume. A meaningful summer experience sets the foundation for your future endeavors after high school, be it college, trade school, or community college.

Setting and Achieving Goals
Summer provides an ideal environment to be proactive and accomplish your goals. It is the perfect time to engage in unique experiences that broaden your knowledge and develop skills that may have been difficult to pursue during the school year.

Gaining Valuable Experience
Colleges highly value students who utilize their summers in a creative, productive, and educational manner. Consider finding something you are truly passionate about and dedicating your time to volunteer work. Alternatively, explore the possibility of obtaining hands-on research experience at a university or securing a meaningful internship. These experiences demonstrate your commitment to learning and leave a lasting impression on college admissions officers.

Exploring Career Interests
If you find yourself unsure about which path to pursue in college, summer offers an excellent opportunity to try something new and discover potential career interests. Use this time to experiment with different fields, gaining insights into various industries and professions. By immersing yourself in diverse experiences, you can gain clarity and determine if a particular interest has the potential to shape your future major or career.

Maximizing your high school summers can be a transformative experience, opening doors to exciting possibilities and equipping you with valuable skills and experiences. Whether you engage in community service, research, internships, or personal projects, every summer endeavor contributes to your personal growth and enhances your college application. Embrace the opportunities that summer presents, and let it become a stepping stone towards a rewarding future.

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