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Sophomores: What you should be doing to get ahead!

Author: The College Blueprint Counseling Team

As many freshmen enter their summer before their sophomore year in high school it’s time to start discussing college. Although the idea of college may seem distant and abstract, the truth is that the next few years are critical for building a strong foundation that will set you up for success in college and beyond. By starting early and being proactive, you can maximize your chances of getting into the college of your dreams and thriving academically and personally once you get there. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key steps that sophomores can take now to get ahead for college, including academic planning, extracurricular activities, test preparation, and more. Whether you are already thinking about your future college goals or just starting to explore your options, this guide will provide you with practical tips and strategies to help you make the most of your high school years and prepare for a bright and fulfilling future.

Meet with School Counselor

  • Builds rapport

  • Good to show face since they do students recommendation for college

  • Review 4 year academic plan

College Visits/Tours

  • College Fairs at school or in the community

  • Helps student see what they like/don’t like in a campus

  • Opportunity to ask college reps questions they have

Focus on Academics

  • Take challenging courses within reason

  • Get support from teacher or tutoring if they need help

  • Build rapport with teachers (Could write a letter or recommendation)

Start Creating Resume

  • Only include things from high school (not middle school)

  • Volunteer, extracurriculars, awards, leadership, etc.

  • Note the areas that needs more work and try to add more

Summer Programs

  • Start researching and planning (some apps open in December!)

  • Summer going into Junior and Senior year

  • Students can gain the skills that colleges consistently look for in applicants

  • Great way to get hands on experience in field of interest


  • Figure out what test to take - SAT/ACT Diagnostic Exam

  • Consider test prep for areas of improvement

  • Plan out when student will be taking exams

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