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GPA Matters In The College Admission Process

Autor: Danielle Ticherich, The College Blueprint’s Testing & Tutoring Coordinator

As college planning and admission experts, we know first-hand that a student’s GPA and academic preparation is the #1 factor in the college admission decision.

Recently, Stanford and Harvard conducted a research project to determine the impact COVID and online teaching had on student learning. The results were staggering: Most California students are experiencing at least 6 months of “Learning Loss”.

If your student is struggling with a subject, as the Test Prep & Tutoring Coordinator at The College Blueprint, I can assure you that our robust and effective Subject Tutoring Program is designed to help address this issue.

Our experienced tutors cover a wide range of subjects-AP/IB, college prep, course remediation, community college courses- and are here to assist and support your student! All of our tutoring is 1:1 Therefore, each tutor will address the specific concepts and challenges your student is struggling with.

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