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Summer Plans—Crafting an Internship

Summer’s nearly here, hooray! But now what? High school summers can be filled with so much, and sadly, so little. As students navigate the summer holidays throughout their high school years, it becomes important to consider two things: 1) how can my summer activity be more meaningful to me? and 2) how can my summer activity help me build a solid resume in preparation for a future college or job application? Initially, students may think that between 9th and 10th grade, fun is the first order of business, and having summer fun is very important. The transition from middle school to high school can be tough, and during a global pandemic, it can be even harder to navigate, with online classes and limited clubs, sports, and activities. But summer could be so much more, and in this article, we will explore one option for students to consider – a carefully designed summer internship.

First, understanding the importance of an internship is essential to crafting ways in which a successful summer of work, research or community service can benefit you. The most basic benefit may be for financial rewards (although many interships are unpaid); for many students, it’s deepening and widening knowledge in areas of strong academic interest. For everyone, an internship can lead to rewarding self-awareness and a journey of self-discovery that will guide the student towards universities, majors or career paths that resonate in a deeply personal and targeted way. Getting a first-hand experience in the field you wish to study is pertinent and can demonstrate both dedication and knowledge to your application reader. An internship can show adaptability, targeted interest, and maturity. For you, it gives real insight into your chosen field and can help clarify the direction of your academic trajectory.

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