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Summer Plans—In-Person & Virtual

Summer 2020 was dramatically different for high school students, with in-person programs closed and very few virtual opportunities. However, Summer 2021 already promises great improvements since exciting options are opening up. Some of the most well-established summer programs are offering both a few on-campus courses and many online courses. One excellent example of this is at the wellknown Summer@Brown, on the campus of Brown University. Stanford University is now open for summer 2021 enrollment with special advanced online coursework, and the Phillips Academy Summer Session has a hybrid option with both boarding and online opportunities. Columbia University has a wide range of program types, and Barnard, Smith, University of Connecticut, Cornell, Emory University and Harvard offer a variety of programming options.

Summer programs offer such an exciting, broad and rich array of subjects! Consider a summer program to be your opportunity to explore, deepen your interests and spark new academic passions. This is what a good summer program can bring you – new ideas, new experiences and greater self-awareness. These invigorating experiences, on-campus or online, can also give you a much greater understanding of college life in general and better preparation as you turn towards your new ‘home away from home’ on-campus next year, or the year after


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