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Still thinking of ways to make your high school summers count? Some young adults score an internship, some are lucky enough to undertake travel that incorporates fun and community service, and others take a summer job in order to squirrel money away. One exciting idea is to start your own business. The right business can accomplish a lot – real world experience, money in the bank, and a roadmap towards your future. How, you may ask? Consider a few businesses that were started by high school students: Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue, Wise Pocket, Are you kidding, Me and the Bees Lemonade, Maya’s Ideas and Mo’s Bows. These are a few that illustrate the wildly successful young entrepreneurs who continue to thrive and grow, despite their youth. A few multimillionaires today got their start as very young men: Mark Cuban sold garbage bags out of his garage, Elon Musk built and sold a video game, and Richard Branson bred and sold parakeets. A few extremely successful young women who are changing the world include: Riya Karumanchi, Hannah Grace, Riya Sinha, Avye Coulote and Miracle Olatunji.

The takeaway from all these names and ideas is found in the word “variety.” There are so many interesting ways of starting your own business during high school! Here are a few ideas: Candle making, skin care/ make-up/ beauty products, fashion accessories, toy/ teen product reviews, baking cookies/decorating cakes, party/ special event/ holiday set up and take down, rickshaw rides, social media marketing, dog walker, house/pet sitter, babysitting, music/academic tutor, cleaning houses/cars, house/apartment mover, window cleaner, tour guide to local fishing holes/natural areas, dog treat baker or even dog poop picker-upper. All these ideas are well within the grasp of an active and ambitious high school student, matching individual skills, interests and abilities. Some students choose to spend time first exploring and learning more about setting up a business. Check out Camp BizSmart, Treps, Moonshot Junior and Junior Achievement. These are wonderful opportunities for high school students to explore entrepreneurship with the goal of supporting their ideas.

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