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The New SAT—Shorter and Online

As has been widely publicized of late, the College Board has announced some exciting updates to their standardized tests. The key parts of these changes include:

  • Testing will be completed online

  • Tests will last 2 hours, not 3

  • Calculator allowed on all math questions

Factors to remain the same:

  • A proctored setting is required

  • Multiple choice questions remain in place

  • Scoring is on a 1600 scale

  • The removal of the Subject Tests and optional essay will remain in effect

Domestic sites will be seeing these significant changes in 2024, and international testing sites in 2023. This means that today’s 8th and 9th grade students in the USA will be the first ones to take the new testing format. The changes likely occurred because of College Board concerns about the future marketability of their test, the SAT. Over 1800 colleges no longer require standardized testing for admission, about 80%, with some states now mandating that all public colleges remove the requirement. After 700,000 fewer students took the SAT in 2021, numbers have risen this year, but that huge drop, coupled with the increase in the number of schools removing the requirement, has caused ripples of concern within the College Board.

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