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Summer Experiences & Programs

During the summer months, there are countless interesting and unique opportunities to pursue as a high school student. Going to the beach, hanging out with friends and sleeping-in are an appealing part of summer. But make sure you balance your free time with positive activities that will allow you to learn, mature, and gain more independence and experience as you prepare to apply to college.

Colleges LOVE to see that a student has taken the initiative to participate in enriching and meaningful experiences and summer is a great time to do this. Your time does not need to be spent at a program on a college campus. While these can be very good, it is most important that your experience demonstrates your interests and passions.

If your interest is in the sciences, you might spend several weeks in a laboratory working under the mentorship of a respected faculty member. If you are interested in animal science, how about volunteering to work at the local SPCA or Pet Adoption Center? Interested in being a doctor or a lawyer? Ask if you can shadow your family physician for a few weeks or offer to volunteer at City Hall. If writing is your interest and passion, start a blog. Get creative!

If you are unable to participate in a lengthy summer program, look into building your community service hours through volunteering in an environment where you will grow and learn. Aside from volunteering, there is always the option of taking a class at your local community college.

You will never regret pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, but you will regret not taking advantage of opportunities at this time in your life. Summer presents an opportunity to grow and gain new experiences. Take advantage of it!

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