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College Success Program

Give the support your student needs to succeed!

Successful time management skills

Coaching provides college students with individualized support to successfully manage a demanding course load and adapt to college life. Students who are academically prepared but are challenged with poor organization, lack time management and study skills, and have difficulty setting and managing priorities, can benefit from the program.

Mentoring your student

The Academic Coach serves as a mentor providing critical support so the student can persevere and progress towards his or her academic goals. Our Coaches are experienced educators with advanced degrees in Education, Counseling, or Psychology, many of whom have extensive experience in the field of Student Services at the college and university level.

Coaches may also be in contact with university officials to identify ways to help students become more involved and make the best use of university resources and college life.

We are your partner

Each student meets with his or her Coach on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. During appointments the Coach and student partner to:

  • Develop time management, organization and learning strategies, according to the student’s learning style

  • Improve note-taking, test-taking and study skills

  • Learn how to establish and manage priorities

  • Develop long and short-term personal and academic goals

  • Develop and implement a semester “blueprint” (action plan)

  • Track and monitor progress towards the “blueprint” on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

  • Identify and use college resources, including campus tutoring, disability services, and mental health and student support services.

The Coach acts as a mentor and assists the student in coordinating tutoring, counseling, academic advising, and other student services both on and off campus.

What are the results?

  • Successful students

  • Students become independent and develop long term academic, career and life skills

  • Students have a richer college experience

  • Students improve academic performance

Student success is enhanced by ongoing communication with the student, parent and coach. Our program is customized and priced to meet individual needs. Contact our office to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Thank you so much for all of your help! From your essay workshop to our fun brainstorming sessions your approach to the college essays made everything so much easier. Your ideas were great and you really understood what I wanted them to know! I'm so excited to be a Bruin!

- Former SMCHS student, UCLA 2017​

UCLA 2017​