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 Wendy V

Thank you so very much!! You are so knowledgeable about so much I wish I could of learned more! I greatly appreciate your input and suggestions. As a Mother having absolutely no plans after 8th grade has definitely kept me extremely concerned. At least I have some choice and direction and for that I am extremely grateful.

Kim J 

The college prep process can be considered daunting. Beginning in my son’s sophomore year in high school, I recall feeling panic in wondering what we should do first to prepare for his senior year, graduation and, of course, college.

The …

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 Jenny S

Leslie has been an amazing support to both of our daughters. WIthout her guidance and knowledge, I am certain their journeys would be very different. She is kind and thoughtful and has perfected the balance of knowing when to guide, when …

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Charles M 

Leslie is a fantastic counselor and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process :-) would highly recommend!

 Mitra B

Mrs. Sahar Zandi was a great tutor and college counselor to have for my son. She was always ready to answer all of his questions, no matter what time of day it was. She is truly a superb instructor, and offers great advice 24/7. Thank you for everything Sahar.

 Shireen R

College Blueprint is an exceptional college counseling service. Their college counselors and online network were instrumental in allowing my son to navigate all the college options to find the schools that might be the best fit for him. ..

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 Patricia b.

We had such a fantastic experience using the College Blueprint. We honestly feel our son would not have gotten 8 out of 10 (haven't heard from 2 yet!) offers, 5 of which were "reach" schools. The whole process was so professional, from the essay classes to the application process. We are absolutely thrilled with the results so far!

Spencer K

The College Blueprint was incredibly helpful with picking classes for senior year, picking reach, in range, and back up colleges, and helping me with my essays. The one-on-one meetings and personal essay coaching helped me tremendously in …

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The College Blueprint was extremely helpful and definitely made the application process less stressful. I ended up getting into the school of my dreams and could not have done it without the help of my tutor (Omid) and and counselor (Sahar …

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Sophie P

I loved my time with Sahar at CBP! She was extremely helpful from compiling my college application list to deciding where I should attend. I had her from the beginning of my junior year and she was really supportive of all the decisions I …

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 Mark I

Overall we thought College Blueprint did a great job with our son. We would highly recommend Leslie Bettino who is thorough, caring and keeps the kids on track.

 Debbie V

College Blueprint was wonderful. Leslie worked with my son through every step of the process. She listened to what he wanted and got the most out of him. As a parent, it was reassuring to know that someone "in the know" was overseeing …

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 Rachel W

Working with this company was the best decision I made during the college admissions process. I worked with Marla and Leslie and they were absolutely wonderful! I'm going to UCSB next year and I don't know if I could have done it without …

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 Kathryn G

We had a wonderful experience with College Blueprint. Leslie is the best counselor and was wonderfully supportive, focused, yet nurturing. Catherine was also there when needed. Cindy was wonderful with her advice with ACT testing and …

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 Tammy  B

The College Blueprint team did a fantastic job for our son. He has learning disabilities and was an average student with average test scores. The service is not just for top students. Arguably it is even more valuable for those who are …

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 Gail E

Our family highly recommends College Blueprint for any family with high school students preparing for the four-year college experience. Our daughter received the personalized, customized attention and planning that we would expect from an …

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Definitely worth it! It made the whole process very painless as a parent – Leslie was awesome and so organized and made every timeline very clear to both of us!

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