Speaking Engagements​

The College Blueprint understands the need to keep families current on information about the status and process of college admissions. ​We are available for presentations and workshops to schools, organizations and clubs in the community. 


  • "The State of College Admissions"

  • "Trends in US Colleges"

  • "Athletes: College Planning and Admissions"

  • "One Size Does Not Fit All"

  • "The College Application Essay: A Student’s Conversation with Admissions"

  • "Middle School 'Matters' for College"

  • "College Bound: Understanding the College Application Process"

  • "Financing Your College Education"

  • "Internships for High School Students"

  • "College Bound: Exploring College Options"

  • "Time Management for Women On-the-Go"

  • "College Admissions and Preparation in Today’s Economic Climate"

  • "Preparing Middle and High School AD/HD Students for College"

​…And much more. From internship workshops to cutting edge admission advice, we can customize a topic to fit your needs!