Students with Learning Differences

What We Offer

The College Blueprint ADDvantage is a comprehensive educational planning service for middle, high school and college students who are challenged with Learning Differences, ADHD and High Functioning Autism.

Working together with the student and parents, we define academic and career goals and identify the best educational options for the student.

Our comprehensive program includes in-depth exploration of careers and majors, college planning and admissions, academic and life skills and standardized test preparation. Our Educational Counseling staff consists of experienced educators and counselors with masters degrees in counseling and education administration.

Additionally, we have an Educational Therapist on staff who can consult and support you and your student with standardized testing accommodations, uneven academic performance, stress management and anxiety, referrals and general educational case management.

Why Us

Parents of students with learning differences (ADHD, LD, High Functioning Autism) have the same hopes and dreams for their student as anyone else; that their student can participate in a fulfilling college or professional school experience. At The College Blueprint LLC we can help bring that to fruition.

We understand the challenges you face as a parent of a learning challenged student and we can provide knowledge-based guidance to help your student achieve his or her desired results.

We provide KNOWLEDGE, OBJECTIVITY and RESULTS in a caring and consistent way that is always centered on what is best for your student.

Our staff specialize in working with bright and talented students who face academic and/or special challenges. Set your student up for success by choosing professional staff specifically trained to work with students, assisting them in achieving their academic and professional potential.

Our Services for Students with Learning Differences and ADHD

We design a customized plan for each student which addresses the goals and priorities defined by the student and parents. These may include:

  • College Counseling and Admissions

  • Professional and Specialty School Planning and Admissions

  • Transfer Planning

  • Career Exploration

  • SAT/ACT Test Prep

  • Academic Coaching – Middle School, High School _ and College Students

  • Subject Tutoring

  • Organization and Study Skills

  • Summer Experiences and Internships

  • Transition Planning

          Middle to High School

         High School to College

  • Parent Workshops and Training