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High School Webinar Presentations 

Contact us if your school is interested in scheduling a webinar presentation!

Featured Presentations

The Impact of Covid-19 on college Planning and Admissions, 2020-2021

Air Date: November 5, 2020

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Featured Presentations

College Planning for students with Learning Differences, ADHD, and ASD

Air Date: January 27, 2021

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Featured Presentations

College Planning for Students with Learning Differences, ADHD, and ASD

Air Date: February 17, 2021

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Episode S2 Ep6

Date & Time Wednesday, November 18  from 6-7pm PST

Paying for College: Strategies for Tackling College Tuition

Featuring: Aaron Tucker, Financial Advisor & Edward Jones & Co., a financial  services firm

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Episode S2 Ep5

Air date:  Wednesday, November 4 from 6-6:30pm PST

Volunteer Experience and Extracurricular Involvement for High School  Students during COVID-19 

Finding volunteer experiences and/or extracurricular involvements during COVID-19  that will make your application standout. It's not too late to build your resume and  gain awesome experience!

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Episode S2 Ep4

 Wednesday, October 21  from 6-6:30pm PST

Job Search Strategies to Land Your Dream Job

Featuring: Rod Mc Dermott, CEO of McDermott + Bull, an International Executive  Search Firm. Ideal for graduating college students or adults looking to make career  changes during COVID-19 

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Episode S2 Ep3

The Impact of COVID-19 on College Planning and Admissions, 2020-2021

Every year Jan Kerchner, CEO and Founder of The College Blueprint, LLC presents  the latest college planning and admissions information critical to students and parents. This is our most requested annual presentation. With the challenges of  COVID-19, this year’s presentation is vitally important for 8th through 11th grade  students and parents. The information provided will help you to navigate the myriad of fast-paced changes occurring in higher education.

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Episode S2 Ep2

Researching College Virtually

How to research colleges (without visiting campuses)

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Episode S2 Ep1

Critical Application Information for Seniors

Confused about which application to sumbit to each college? Common Application?  UC Application? CSU Application? Coalition? Do you have questions regarding EA, ED, ED II? We can help you navigate through the college application process with the added changes due to COVID-19

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Episode S1 Ep7

Traditional College? Maybe Not. Alternatives to a Traditional College Education

Learn more on the differences between a Liberal Arts vs. Professional College  Education.

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Episode S1 Ep6

College Planning for Student with Learning Differences, ADHD, and ASD

Differences between High School vs. College support for students with Learning

Differences. Learn more on the support available for students with Learning

Differences on college campuses. 

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Episode S1 Ep5

Researching Colleges - Virtually

Finding creative ways to reserach colleges online and how to bulid your college list!

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Episode S1 Ep4

Essay Writing for College Applications

While at home with your siblings, parents, dogs, and laptop! With so many colleges  going test optional for the Class of 2021, your essays are more imporant now than ever! 

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Episode S1 Ep3

Strategies for Reducing Stress and Anxiety at Home During the COVID-19  Quarantine

Presented by Dr. David Monkarsh, PhD - Clinical Developmental Psychologist

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Episode S1 Ep2

Summer Enrichment and Volunteer Experiences

Is it possible to do this from home? We will give you ideas!

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Episode S1 Ep1

Juniors & Seniors: Critical information you need NOW!

This session is for seniors with looming college admission deadlines and juniors  navigating through the changing standardized testing requirements.  

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