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Junior College Counseling and Services​

Junior Year Program Description​

Students meet with a counselor every month. During these appointments, progress towards academic goals is monitored as is progress towards standardized testing. Guided by the student’s personal career interests and educational goals, counselors work with the student to research meaningful summer experiences, internships, employment and volunteer service and the student continues to develop a comprehensive resume. In the second semester, a comprehensive search begins for colleges matching the student’s profile and the student’s and parents’ specific selection factors. This search process culminates towards the end of the junior year with a priority list of colleges. In Spring, students prepare for college visits and Juniors are strongly encouraged to attend the “Interview and College Visit Workshop”.

College Planning Tips for Juniors

  • Discover more about who you are

  • Identify and research interesting careers

  • Monitor academic progress and identify methods for improving study skills, organizational skills, and academic performance

  • Delineate options for improving academic profile

  • Identify options for interesting and meaningful enrichment experiences, i.e. community service, employment, summer opportunities

  • Prepare for standardized tests

  • Develop an understanding of the college admissions process

  • Finalize list of colleges which match the student’s personality and the parent’s and student’s criteria

  • Form relationships with teachers at the beginning of the year. Reconnect with them in June and request letters of recommendation.

How to Support your Junior Student

  • Listen to your student explore their thoughts and ideas without judging the comments.

  • Talk with your student about what they want to do after high school, what they want to study, and where they think they might want to go to college.

  • Know the graduation requirement for your student’s high school and make sure they are meeting those requirements.

  • Keep track of the courses your student takes throughout high school. Keep complete academic files with report cards, awards, activity lists, and notes from teachers.

  • Establish a file containing memories of life lessons your child has learned or experienced, positive examples of your student’s morals and values, incidents, warming comments, etc. This will be very helpful to them when it is time to write application essays.

  • Begin considering the financial issues of paying for college

  • Establish a budget for your student and make them adhere to it.

  • Insist your student use a planner for all of their activities and commitments. Help your student learn to juggle multiple #1 priorities and assist them with time management.

  • When you travel, visit colleges in the area.

  • Stay involved!

PSAT Preparation Program

The PSAT is the Qualifying Exam for National Merit Scholarships. Sophomores and Juniors should think about prepping for the PSAT to get the best possible score. The College Blueprint PSAT Prep Program is a 20 hour program, including 9 hours of personalized instruction,1 diagnostic, and 2 full length practice tests.

  • Includes 9 Hrs. of one-on-one tutoring (4.5 hours of Math & 4.5 hours of Verbal)

  • Students will meet with a tutor on a bi-weekly basis starting 5-6 weeks before their PSAT testing date

  • During the weeks students are not meeting with their tutors, they will take practice tests #1 and #2 (Students will take a total of 2 practice tests and 1 diagnostic test).

  • Students will take the Diagnostic Test before they begin tutoring.

  • Personalized academic evaluation

  • One-on-one test prep

  • Flexible and personalized scheduling

  • A focus on each student’s particular learning style

  • A friendly and professional atmosphere!

Summer To Do List

  • Use summer break to gain work experience, volunteer, do an internship, or enroll in a pre-college program.

  • Finalize your college list through visiting college campuses.

  • Create accounts for your college applications:,, and college-specific applications

  • After July1 and August 1, see what the essay prompts are for your colleges and start working on writing them. Brainstorm with your parents/caregivers; they are great during this process!

  • Go to the beach! You deserve it. 

SAT/ACT Preparation

Junior year is the perfect time to start thinking about, and preparing for the SAT or ACT. Our talented team can help your student decide which test is right for them and help them determine the best time to take the test. A lot goes into deciding the perfect date for your student’s test date, as sports, clubs and other commitments can make scheduling tutoring very difficult. That’s why our exceptional team of tutors work around your schedule to make the process a breeze!

The College Blueprint will help you and your student prepare for the SAT or ACT with self-confidence, organization, and positive results! We can give your student the tools necessary to score well on the SAT and ACT. Our SAT/ACT preparation program includes:

  • Personalized academic evaluation

  • One-on-one test prep

  • Experienced tutors who have succeeded in taking the SAT

  • Flexible and personalized scheduling

  • 24 hours of private instruction. We have a fluid program that caters to the needs of the student, rather than following a rigid structure. Why spend all those hours on SAT Math if Critical Reading is far more difficult for you student?

  • A focus on each student’s particular learning style

  • Specialized focus on students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder

  • Several proctored practice tests offered most Saturday mornings including evaluation and correction Regular score, grade, and tutoring analysis

  • A friendly and professional atmosphere!

“I just wanted to let you know that I committed to DePaul University tonight! I am really excited and happy with my decision! When we went to visit, everything just felt right and i got that “this is it” feeling which I was hoping I would get! Thank you so much for all your help with this experience! I would not have wanted anyone else! You made a long hard process into a fun and happy one! – Senior, Santa Margarita Catholic High School