Services for Schools, Colleges, & Organizations​

“Thank you for your love of these kids. I wish every student could have access to this type of program. College entrance rates would sky rocket!! The results you drive are AMAZING and life changing!!”

- CEO, Lagunita Franchise Operations, LLC -Educational Philanthropist

The College Blueprint, LLC, offers a comprehensive career and college guidance program for public and private institutions. From career exploration to academic skill building, from test prep to college admissions, we have considerable expertise and experience with all aspects of the college preparation process. We offer a breadth of services from which we can design a program customized to a school’s specific goals and needs. We are known for our innovative programs which we custom design to meet the needs for each school system.

After discussing and gaining an understanding of the institution’s goals, we work with school administrators and/or their designees, to design a school-specific program. After agreeing on program components, outcomes, deliverables and timing, we will implement and manage all aspects of the program.

"We are so fortunate that you (College Blueprint) have partnered with us to support our students. The results of the SAT prep program were outstanding."

– Christopher J. Steinhauser, Superintendent, Long Beach Unified School District

Our Clients

Our clients have included the following:​

  • Capistrano Unified School District

  • Crean Lutheran High School

  • Generation First Degree

  • Long Beach Unified School District

  • Irvine Public Schools Foundation

  • Jordan High School

Our Services

Just as every student is different and unique, so is every school or school district. Therefore, every program is uniquely designed and may include components from both group and student services. For example, a school might ask for a lecture series while also contracting with us to provide individualized counseling for their high school students. Additionally, another school may ask for a career exploration class from which the student may earn high school credit.

Examples of Our Services for Students

  • Individualized College Preparation & Planning

  • College ADDvantage: Specialty services for students with Learning Differences and AD/HD

  • Subject Tutoring

  • Middle School Success Program

  • Standardized Test Prep

  • Academic Coaching & Study Skills

  • Life and Academic Skills Development

  • Resume Preparation and Interviewing Skills

  • Applications and Essays for College or Specialty Schools

  • Post-Secondary Research and Planning

  • Career Exploration

Points of Differentiation

  • Value-added service to schools

  • Ability to offer quality programs for groups or individuals

  • Student-centered programs

  • Ability to expand to different geographic regions

  • Innovative, customized and comprehensive career and college preparation program designed to meet the specific needs of the school(s). Major components include college counseling, career exploration, standardized test prep, tutoring and academic coaching

  • Credentialed and experienced counselors who stay current on college admission trends

  • Experience with students in special situations


         • Visual and Performing Arts Majors

         • Learning Differences and AD/HD

         • Specialty Schools

Breadth of knowledge of colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Proven track record and credibility


“Dear Mrs. Kerchner,

I want to thank you both for all that you’ve done for me and for believing in me. I am very thankful and blessed to be able to be in this program and meet such lovely people. I hope you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving! See you soon!” 

– 11th Grader from Long Beach Unified School District

“Jan is widely- and well-respected in the Irvine Community, and I would encourage anyone interested in improving the programs and services at their own schools to find a way to involve Jan Kerchner.”

– Julie Tapp, PhD. Former Chief Program Officer, Irvine Public Schools Foundation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jan in her capacity as CEO of The College Blueprint and as board chair of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation. Jan is extremely knowledgeable regarding children’s emotional and cognitive development. She is a trusted leader who is known for her sagacity, her personal warmth and her passion for education issues. As board chair, she was instrumental in bridging differences to build collaborative relationships between organizations.”

– Gavin Huntley- Fenner, Member, IUSD School Board

“With Jan’s leadership, The Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) successfully transformed the Board of Trustees to more accurately reflect the community being served. Jan assisted in successfully recruiting key members of the corporate sector thereby strengthening the stature of the organization which has led to increased revenues and resources for the Irvine Unified School District. Her professionalism and visionary leadership has been invaluable to our organization.

Jan’s collaborative style opened critical dialogues between the foundation and the school district, and has led to strategic conversations about the future of the foundation and the most effective fundraising methods to implement. She has been a key factor in IPSF’s ability to achieve its remarkable success."

– Neda Zaengle, CEO, Irvine Public Schools Foundation